Of light and black holes


Photo by Santiago Calviño Pardo

Where are you?
Doomed in the underworld?

I remember your smile, full of life!
Life was indeed exuding from your every pore.

You were beautiful and your naivety
perfect in your trustworthiness
bright as a summer´s day.

But your shadows!
And yet, they were nothing but shadows
No black holes eating up everything but your apathy.

I wonder,
if I say your name,
would you appear right next to me?

I would greet you with a warm embrace,
I would reassure you,
I would stroke your hair as if you were a child,
Oh, I would!

I would spare you every second of pain
whispering in your ear
everything is going to be alright

you would look at me
with those alive eyes of yours
and you would tell me
‘I know, I know,
I have been swallowing constellations long enough’.

I see you in my reflection,
however, that is not you.